How can I sort by half hour intervals?

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I'm unable to figure out how to sort my card by half hour intervals. It seemed to be fine at first, but when changing date ranges, the intervals shift in seemingly random ways. I have a date field, `contactStart`, that's formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (example: 2018-06-18 14:41:28). I've tried the following sorting options with no success:


'contactStart' - minimum and no aggregation
HOUR('contactStart') - minimum and no aggregation
FLOOR('contactStart') - minimum and no aggregation


Please note, my X-Axis must be sorted in half hour intervals, so I've applied the following Beast Mode:


CONCAT(Hour(`contactStart`),':',CASE WHEN MINUTE(`contactStart`)>=30 THEN '30' ELSE '00' END)


Any solution or guidance would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Valiant
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    I think the issue has to do when using CONCAT, this is converting your time to a text field and so time sorting won't work. 

    You might try creating a second beastmode:

    TIME(CONCAT(Hour(`contactStart`),':',CASE WHEN MINUTE(`contactStart`)>=30 THEN '30' ELSE '00' END))

    And use that in your sorting section. That should order your times appropriately.


    Let me know if you still have issues,



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