Way to input data directly from Domo?

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I am using Google Sheets and Box to bring in data from users. This data is usually in response to something they see in Domo. It would save them a step in the process if there was a way to input data directly in their Domo instance. For example, I have a chart that shows budget values against actual activity. The managers in my company dictate these values. Currently, they view the charts, then go to Box, update the values, then go back to Domo. It would be nice to streamline this process. I remember hearing something at Domopalooza about embedding a Google sheet in a card that can be edited and will update a dataset. Is this possible?

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    That is a fantastic question. There are two ways you can go about this. If you were to use a Domo Webform, instead of a Google sheet, that will let you enter data directly into Domo. It isn't quite as straightforward as using Google Sheets, however.


    The second solution involves embedding a Google sheet inside of Domo. This is a bit more involved in setting up. What you would need to do is to create a custom Domo SDK app. It would consist of a web page with only an iframe whose source was the Google sheet. Instructions for creating a custom Domo SDK app can be found at https://developer.domo.com.


    I don't know what your skillset is, so the second option may or may not work well for you. What follow-up questions do you have?


    ** I work for Domo


  • Thanks @RabidCougar


    I am sure @smaiolo could ask for some assistance from @Godiepi at her company to tackle this.



  • smaiolo
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    Looks like there is exactly what I need in the App Store! Thank you!

  • @smaiolo what app did you end up using for this? I think we have a similar use case

  • @smcclellan

    There's two options. One is a Domo Webform which users have to go to the dataset and enter their information into the sheet which doesn't require pulling data from a third party and waiting on that transfer. It's kept up to date instantly.

    The other option is similar but doesn't require users to go into the dataset and edit the information. You can use a premium feature called inline editor which will allow users to edit a webform like dataset directly within a page. This does cost extra but talk with your CSM if you're interested.

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    @smcclellan We ended up going with the Domo Form Builder app. This is a paid app that allows you to build a form directly in Domo. It's fairly basic and not terribly user friendly, but it meets our needs of users being able to directly input data into Domo. You can also build drop-down options into your form that feed from a table card and when a form is submitted, it immediately updates the data in Domo.