When a user saves a Page Filter - is that just for them for everyone that accesses that dashboard?

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I want to build one dashboard for one job title that each has a different brand, and I was wondering if each user saved the dashboard with their specific brand filters on would they stay or would everyone have to keep flipping back and forth?


Thank you!

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  • guitarhero23
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    Each user would have to save the page filter they want.


    You could achieve what you're asking in two ways.


    1: Do as you mentioned. You as the admin would define which fields/columns you allow as page filters and then they as a user would each filter to Brand = Brand X and save the page filter. From then on they would by default see only their brand but could see others if they wanted to. This option is easier to handle with smaller user counts, I could see it being an issue for large user bases.




    2: If you only want them to see their brand or just want to abstract the saving of filters away from the end user you can use PDP (personalized data permissions) if you have it to only allow the people/groups to see data related to their brand. This means that in the dataset you would have it set that people with Title X can only access data where Brand = Brand X. Then you don't have to have a page filter since by dataset permissions they can only see Brand X anyway.

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  • AS
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    To echo the first comment, I'd recommend PDPs or Publication Groups, unless you want them to at least have the option of seeing other brands.

    Do they need to have this same data filtered to brand everywhere else in Domo?  Use PDPs.

    Do they need just this page filtered, and on every data set on the page (if there are multiple datasets used)?  Use publication groups.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Aaron,


    Thank you for brining up Publication Groups - this is a fantastic idea and greatly supports what I'm trying to do.


    Thanks again,



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