convert string to whole number using magic etl



I am trying to convert the datatype of a column to whole number which is having a string datatype using magic ETL and getting attached error. Source for the data load is from CSV file and i am loading data using workbench. Also tried changing the datatype in workbench which also could not complete the run.


And when tried converting using Magic ETL getting attached error.

Error : Failed to convert data ' ' to type integer for column "Name of the column"


Please help.


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    you may need to first use the replace text action.  Excel will often populate a ' ' instead of a null value.  Use the replace text action to search for ' ' and then replace it with null.  Then you should be able to change the data type

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  • Often the approach I take for this is to use Text Formatting to "Only show numbers" then do the Set Column Type. This insures anything that could be preventing the Set Column Type is removed.

  • Thank you for the solution it worked.

  • I even used Replace Text to replace any null or empty string with '0'  before connecting to Text Formatting, making my dataset clean and reasy to read