Performance of UNION in RedShift

Has anyone used UNION successfully with RedShift in DOMO?  I have a DF that seems to stall on the query using the UNION.  I don't know if it would error out b/c I'm too impatient (after waiting 30 m), but I ended up revising how I wrote the script to not need the UNION...but was curious why it would have been delayed SOOOO long...300k rows unioning on 300 rows....


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  • gwsv-it
    gwsv-it Member
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    If you're not worried about removing duplicates, then UNION ALLshould skip the DISTINCT step of the UNION operation and improve your performance a bit.


  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    I just introduced my palm to my head after I read that.  I did leave off ALL.  Crap.  Thanks for chiming in and helping me out.  Good catch!  I should have used UNION ALL but left it out.