How do I build a card containing DOMO users, the group they are in and their permission level?

For auditing and annual recertification processes, I need to find a way to create a card in DOMO that contains elements from several of the areas in the administrator tools. For example, the user name, the permission level they have, and the groups they have access to. I know how to find this information by looking up each person individually. It would be great to be able to put the data in a card. It would be easier to distribute groups of people for annual recertification and auditing puposes this way.

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    There is a DomoMetrics type dataset called Users by Role which contains the person, their permission, and a row of that person for every group they belong to.  You might need to get in touch with support to get that spun up for you.



    User : Person's name from their profile

    User ID : Domo user id 

    Employee Number : Number from the user profile

    Email address

    User Still Exists : a T/F flag for active status essentially

    Is Domo User :  a T/F flag indicating if the user is a Domo employee, like Support or your account manager

    User Role : Privelege level

    Group : Name of the group the user is in

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  • Thank you for this suggestion. I've just created the support ticket to get this going.

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