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Right now I'm using two kind of efforst: Awareness and Performance.


In the Awareness section, I include how many followers do we have, how they are gowing up in all our social networks. Also we can measure the engagement and which are our best post by social network (everything with pre included cards in domo)


In the performance side, we measure how many marketing leads we get from social media posts, so we can mesaure which channel is working best.


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    Nice write up, it sounds like you're doing it right. 


    One interesting way to take this a step further would be to examine social ROI, using google analytics data to track social referrals to websites and then revenue associated with those visits. 


    When I was a Domo employee I helped put together a few apps for the different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to track paid advertising and how spend is related to website purchasing. These were built using actual connector schemas so the data is relatively easy to plug in. They do provide an interesting use case, I'd love to see them get some more use so they can be improved and made more useful to a larger audience. Screenshot below to help locate them in the appstore. 



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  • Thanks! you are right! is important to classify this Social Media ROI too. 


    Thanks for sharing the screenshot. 


    Kind regards.



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