Audit API not returning times or actor info

Following the example code provided at the API training, I created a script to read data from the audit logs to push back into Domo. I got it working with one small issue - The actorId is always "0", the actorType is "undefined", and eventTime is "undefined". We got a few records with an actorId but they were all Domo people. 


It is not throwing an error that the column names are wrong and it returns data. Without an eventtime, I cannot create a recursive dataflow to append to the dataset. 


partial result : 0,undefined,,VIEWED,CARD,1268279286,Sample Express - Weekly Orders by SSC,undefined


code snippets: 

var audit = new com.domo.dp.js.HTTPConnectionV2('' + start + '&end=' + end + '&limit=50&offset=0', 'GET');


var results = audit.get();

while(audit.getCode() == 200 && results.length > 3){

var auditlist = JSON.parse(results);

for (i in auditlist) {
var a = auditlist[i];



print( a.actorId +','
+a.actorType +','
+a.actorName +','
+a.actionType +','
+a.objectType +','
+a.objectId +','
+a.objectName +','
+a.eventTime +','


Anyone else having this issue? 

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    Support solved the biggest issue. They sent a copy of the JSON returned by the API and I realized that eventtime is referenced as time in the response. Now I have the event time and can load overlapping data and remove duplicates.


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