How to apply mean to all rows though beastmode?

Is there a way display the mean for all rows without aggregating (summing)? This would require aggregating a field and returning it to each row. For example:


ID,Amount,Avg Amount





While this can be done in dataflow, it needs to be dynamic (use will filter and change date range) and thus done in beastmode. 




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  • Valiant
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    Currently the only way to have an aggregate value like that for all rows would be the dataflow as you described. But you would lose the date filter option you're looking for.


    There is however an idea "Under Review" for something like what you're talking about. We would need almost a different functionality type for beastmodes (almost like a summary mode or something). Might be worth upvoting and voicing your support for it. I'll throw a like towards it as well.





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