may be having problems today

I'm experiencing some issues with today.  I have created some new connectors and they aren't finding the files.  I went into box and used the search feature there and it couldn't find it either althogh the file could be seen on the same screen.  So they may be having some technical issues.  I've posted a support ticket with them but just wanted to give folks a heads up.


  • And it is working fine with existing connectors just the new ones it is not working with.  So not sure if they (box) haven't indexed their newer files or what.

  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • No, but I think this is really a problem on the side, not with DOMO.  But if your support team wants to work with box that is great.  the problem is that when you search for a file in box, even with just one letter it finds nothing.  So when I have files in domo with just a partial name, to leave off the date field, it isn't finding them.