Can you create a beastmode CASE when for values between two numbers?

I'm looking at influencers and their number of followers and want to group the data:


number of follower: 1-50000, 50000-100000, 100000-200000 and so on.

I was going to use the case when beastmode but cant find a between function to select the relevant numbers. Any help?


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  • Valiant
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    Here you go:

    CASE WHEN `Followers` >= 0 AND `Followers` <= 9999 THEN 'Bronze'
    WHEN `Followers` >= 10000 AND `Followers` <= 99999 THEN 'Silver'
    WHEN `Followers` >= 100000 AND `Followers` <= 499999 THEN 'Gold'
    WHEN `Followers` >= 500000 AND `Followers` <= 1000000000 THEN 'Platinum'



  • You sure can. Just modify this to your own use:


    CASE WHEN `followers` BETWEEN 1 AND 50000 THEN 'A'
    WHEN `followers` BETWEEN 50001 AND 100000 THEN 'B

    Hopefully that's what youre looking for. If not, let me know and i'll try to help further.





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  • Hi! This doesnt seem to work, is there something else wrong with the beastmode calculation?

    CASE WHEN `Followers` BETWEEN 0 AND 9999 THEN 'Bronze'
    WHEN `Followers` BETWEEN 10000 AND 99999 THEN 'Silver'
    WHEN `Followers` BETWEEN 100000 AND 499999 THEN 'Gold'
    WHEN `Followers` BETWEEN 500000 AND 1000000000 THEN 'Platinum'



  • What's the datatype for your `Followers` field? In the analyzer when you're doing the beastmode, what does the icon next to the field name look like? Is it a '123' like below?


  • yes its '123' ?

  • Hi, I'm also facing the same issue. I wanted to set the range of a metrics (datatype is '123'). Usually we show this metrics in a aggregated level (Sum). But the output of the beast mode is not showing correctly. Any solution for this?