Creating New DataFlow from Zips2Fips DataSet and ODBC DataSet

I have USA map card that I want to drill down to counties. I got Zips2Fips DataSet from DomoSolutions that I have to join to my DataSet. I tried to do that through Magic ETL joining these two DataSets matching ZipCodes, but I am getting empty rows.


What could be the problem?

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  • Valiant
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    Ok, give this a shot. If it works then use this as your output dataset and then replace the EpicProduction dataset with this in your ETL. 


    FROM epicproduction

    This should let you join directly to the ZIP field (hopefully).



  • Hi, User05404,


    Without seeing the file itself; the only thing I could recommend is check the type of data you're trying to join. Are they the same data type? Same length? etc...


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    Marc Ha


  • I agree with @Marc_H, it sounds like a data type mismatch. Are you joining use the ZIP or ZIP_STRING field from that dataset?


    Also, could you provide a couple of zip codes that it returned blank for? Maybe they were 9 digit hyphenated zip codes or had an odd character in the field?


    With more detail we should be able to tell you more.




  • I am matching ZIP_STRING field since I can't use ZIP, it says they are different data types. Here is a screenshot.

    Thank you.

  • Hi, User05404,


    Can you give Valiant and I a sample from your ZIP column in the ODBC data set you're using?

    What you can try is convert your string ZIP column into a Whole Number and join it on ZIP from Zips2Fips data set - assuming your ZIP column from ODBC data set is 5 char. I haven't tested this, so please keep us updated.


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    Marc Ha



  • I already tried to convert string from my ODBC to whole number but I keep receiving an error "Failed to convert data 94563 to type integer for column AcctZipCode".

    Thank you for your help.

  • I don't know why I am not able to convert AcctZipCode to WholeNumber. 

  • It sounds like you have some non-numeric fields in your data that isn't allowing for conversion to whole number. It's going to be a bit more tricky in ETL than a SQL transform but you should be able to do the following.


    If say you were able to identify that you had "-" in your zip codes for something like 96875-2486 then you could do the following to strip it out:

    Use the "Replace Text" action under Edit Data. Make sure you have the offending character in the "2" option as shown below:


    Give this a shot and see if after stripping out character you can then convert your column.





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  • Unfortunately doesn't work! 


    Screenshot from 2018-01-30 12-28-16.png

  • Ok, at this point I would switch over to a SQL transform and we'll have to get our hands dirty.


    I would use the following to identify what non numeric zips are currently in my data:

    SELECT `AcctZipCode` FROM EpicProduction WHERE `AcctZipCode` NOT IN (SELECT `AcctZipCode` 
    FROM EpicProduction WHERE `AcctZipCode` REGEXP '^[0-9]+$')

     This will return all of the ZIP codes that have non-numeric values that would cause the conversion to fail.


    Let me know if you get any results from this and we can go from there.

  • Here is my outpu. Thank you.


    Screenshot from 2018-01-30 14-11-55.png

  • Hi everybody, thank you for your help. 

    I finally get it done. I tried to join Converted dataset (ValiantSpur gave me an advice) with Zips2Fips through ETL, which didn't work. I tried Blend, and it worked. I don't know what is the problem with ETL, anyways, I got what I needed. 

    Thank you,