Magic ETL Help - Overwrite value in a column if another column equals one of two values

In our sales system there was a recent change to a part number, and I need to correct history in the dataset.  If the 2nd Item Number is either "LOT SQD STOCK" or "LOT SQD SPECIAL" then I want to overwrite the value in the Supplier ID column to be "SQD" otherwise I want the Supplier ID column keep it's current value.


I'd like to do this in Magic ETL if I can.


Here's the basic logic:

IF 2nd Item Number equals with "LOT SQD STOCK" OR "LOT SQD SPECIAL"

THEN Supplier ID equals "SQD"

ELSE Supplier ID



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  • Marc_H
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    Hi, Swagner,


    Hopefully this is of use for you.


    - Filter into two tables based on the criteria you mentioned below.

    - Add Constant 'SQD' or whatever constant you're going to replace your Supplier ID with. (You have to do it for both tables so you can append at the end.)

    - Set column value from your Constant column to overwrite your Supplier ID column for 'LOT SQD STOCK|SPECIAL' table.

    - Append.


    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Best wishes,




    Marc Ha


    P.S.: You can add in the Select Column function and choose only the columns you need since this method will give you two extra columns from the constanct columns - SQD and Not SQD.




  • I'm not sure if you can do that via a Magic ETL, but I know you can with a SQL transform. It would just be a case statement like the following:


    SELECT *, CASE WHEN `2nd Item Number` LIKE '%LOT SQD STOCK%' OR `2nd Item Number` LIKE '%LOT SQD SPECIAL%' THEN 'SQD' ELSE `Supplier ID` END  AS 'New Supplier ID'

    FROM table


    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.





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