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I have a card that has the data table rows set to 50. When I export this out to either Excel | CSV, the results would only come back as 50 rows.

Does anyone know how to export the full table without removing the 50 limit on the table?


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Marc H.

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    Add a line number using DataFlow.
    Use the card's Quick Filter and set it to the default 50 or less.
    To download all lines, unset Quick Filter or set it to 0 or more.





  • Hi @Marc_H!


    If you're the owner of the dataset powering the card, probably the easiest way to do this would be to click through from the card to the dataset itself, then export from there. 


    Otherwise you'd have to remove the row limit on the card to get the full set from the card directly.


    Hope this is helpful!

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  • Hi, Xerva,

    I'm looking for a solution on our participant tier access level to be able to do this.

    I need them to export the full table without having to remove our 50 limiter.


    Warm regards,



    Marc H.

  • I would recommend downloading the Domo plugin for Excel.  You can find it in the Admin tools section:2.png



    And then you can download the data set directly into Excel.  This also allows you to update the data on your Excel sheet by clicking a button.  





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  • Go to the Data Center. 

    Click on the Dataset. 

    Click the Wrench. 

    Export the full dataset.  



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