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We created a large number of datasets and dataflows by several owners.


As an Admin I would like to generate a report that gives me information regarding these items. 


The information I am seeking includes (not necessarily in one report)

Name of Dataset/flow

Type - set vs flow


Last run time

Run schedule

Personalised Data Permissions

Error message flags eg has not run for 2 days, sign in issues

All cards created from a dataset

All flows created from a dataset (ideally this would include all related sets as well)


The last point could be resolved if we were able to visualize this information

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  • RGranada
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    Your best chance on this would be to reach out to support and have them enable DomoMetrics datasets in your instance.


    Some datasets in this feature may help you gather the information you need.


    Hope this helps.

    Ricardo Granada 

    [email protected]

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