UTC to Eastern time zone adjustment

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My question for the Domo Brillance Bar when arriving at the detroit user group:


We have a connection from 5/9s system to Domo with a timestamp column in the dataset.  We created cards with this dataset and realized that the data was not reporting in the correct time zone.  We added this dataset as in input in a dataflow and added a transform to convert the timestamp field to a date/time instead of text.  


This is the code we added in our dataflow:


DATE_FORMAT(str_to_date(`TIMESTAMP`, '%a, %e %b %Y %T'),'%m/%d/%Y %k:%i:%s') AS ConvertedTimeStamp


Then we used the new field ConvertedTimeStamp in our cards to report the correct time zone for the calls that come in to our call center.  


Any questions please feel free to reach out to me.


Thank you



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  • Tomo
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    UTC to Eastern



    DATE_FORMAT(convert_tz(str_to_date(`TIMESTAMP`, '%a, %e %b %Y %T'),'UTC','EST'),'%m/%d/%Y %k:%i:%s') AS ConvertedTimeStamp


  • RobynLinden
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    Hi! I use ETL for my dataflows, not SQL. Is there a way to do this conversion inside an ETL dataflow? I have the Scripting beta that allows me to include Python or R, but I don't know what to do next. Anyone willing to lend a hand? 


    Field is EVENT_DATE_TIME and I need to make 6/21/2016 3:30:00 PM change to 7:30 PM, for example. 



    Broadway + Data
  • The only way in found to do in ETL is to add or subtract hours, not ideal unfortunately.

    • Convert Date/Time to decimal
    • Add or subtract the hours you need (1 = 1 milisecond)
    • Convert back to Date and Time