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Is there a way to have a Workbench 'Local File Provider' job look for the most recent version of a file (based on the Date modified) so long as the naming schema for the file is consistent? I have a report that autoexports out of one of our software systems, but the file name when it exports is always "Listings_YEAR_MO_DAY_HR_MIN.txt" in which the YEAR, MO, DAY. HR, MIN placeholders are the date and time the file was exported. 


I have used the Advanced Connector before, and there was an option to have the most recent version of a report pulled in based on the date modified, but that was using a connector, not Workbench. Wondering if this same functionality is available with Workbench and/or if there is another way to have Workbench always pull in the correct (most recently exported) version of the report.


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    @kbota While it's possible to set up a Workbench job to watch a particular file, Workbench doesn't support dynamic name changes for files. If the name will be different each time, your best bet would be to write a PowerShell script that renames the file for you.

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