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I've set up a basic revenue reconciliation pivot as a card that displays:

  • ROWS - Date
  • COLUMN - payment method (card/cash/voucher/etc) on the 
  • VALUE - transaction value displayed as number with no decimal places
  • FILTER - StoreLocation + last 7 days
  • Totals on

It works fine on the desktop version of the site but Im having some trouble with accessing from a mobile (android app or mobile brower):

  • columns dont display the column group (payment type) but instead every column is named after the value field 'transaction value'....i have no idea which column corresponds with which
  • totals dont display
  • filters: the bottom of the screen is a bar indicating that the StoreLocation filter is applied which i can edit the filter through here...but if i accidentally remove this filter the filter button does nothing (greyed out) and i need to resync the card for the applied filter bar to show up again
  • formatting....the number formatting isnt applied (showing decimal places)
  • number of rows displayed...if i tried to display more than a couple of weeks worth of rows then the app would bork out and onyl display the most recent 7 days (why ive compromised on the date range)

Any ideas?  I havent been able to find anything more than a quick start guide for the app (which didnt address any of these issues) are other people making pivot/sumo cards accessible on mobile devices?

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  • DeeDub
    DeeDub Domo Employee
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    Currently, SUMO Pivot Tables are not included functionality in the mobile platform.  However, we do have an enhancement request into Development for consideration in a future build.
    Dan Wadley
    TSC/Tier 2 SME, Mobile/Communications/Publication Groups


  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • @codysmith


    Can you chime in on this pertaining to the mobile experience?



  • I am having an even worse experience with a Sumo card in the mobile app.  The card simply displays "Data does not exist".  Works fine in desktop browser.  From my limited experience with Sumo cards it appears they do not work on the mobile app.  This is frustrating and making me do pivots manually because one of our requirements is that our data be accessible from the mobile app. 

  • Ok. Thanks for that Dan.


    Ill work around it for the time being

  • Any updates on this? It’s holding us back from being able to move forward and I can’t imagine we are the only ones...



  • @DeeDub


    Dan, anything further on this?  We are being asked to configure Pivot Charts that management loves on their desktop browser, but want to see this data when they travel as well on their mobile devices.  We have worked around it by creating individual TABLE cards for each criteria, but the Sumo card in the mobile environment would be ideal.  We would be happy to beta this to help in dev.




  • DeeDub
    DeeDub Domo Employee

    Hello Jason,
    We continue to explore this as a feature in our Mobile platform.  However, we do not have an ETA on implementation.  Thank you for your interest.

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