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I am creating a calendar on Domo with a dataset that looks like this. This dataset is imported from Google Sheet into Domo. 


Is there any way I can create a single filter, with all the countries name, such that when I choose a country, all events corresponding to the country will appear?


i.e. If I choose 'Poland', it will filter out all rows without 'Poland'. 





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  • mylee
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    Thanks HTH for answering!


    In your solution, there will be many different filters for each country, one for Poland, one for Germany, etc, each with a binary outcome, yes or no.


    Do you know if there's any possibility to merge the different filters into a single filter? 

    Such that in this one filter, if I click on Poland, it reveals all events with Country LIKE '%Poland%' 



  • jhl
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    Hi mylee,


    sorry for not being entirely clear if you just set up one beast mode like


    when `Country` LIKE '%Poland%'
    then 'Poland'

    when `Country` LIKE '%Sweden%'
    then 'Sweden'

    when `Country` LIKE '%France%'
    then 'France'




    and put as many "when... then..." statements into the beast mode as you need, this will lead to one filter for everything. For added usability, I would display it as a quick filter too.




  • Hi Lee,


    you can try the LIKE operator in a beast mode calculation, such as

    when `Country` LIKE '%Poland%'
    then 'Poland'


    repeating the 'when... then' part for each country you have in your list (or may need) and then setting a filter on the calculated field.


    The '%' here serves as the placeholder to make sure it the condition is true when it contains the string 'Poland' anywhere.




    PS: Generally, I would advise against having several values in just one column, it would be easier (and potentially less error prone) to use a different way of storing the data. Difficult to say without knowing what your data corresponds to, though.