Unable to reload/execute a DataSet from within Domo

New to Domo, enjoying it so far!


I've got several DataSets coming into Domo either via Postgres pulls or via Excel pushes from Workbench. 


Today I added a new DataSet via Workbench and went into the Data Center to check it out. I noticed that over in Domo, a stack of my existing DataSets were marked as stale with a warning like this:




Drilling into one of these sets, Domo says to try running the job manually. But there's no option anywhere to run the job within Domo. The documentation says to check the little wrench icon, which makes sense. In this case, no such option is available from the list of data sets or from within an individual DataSet definition.


I figured the problem might be that since these are jobs driven by Workbench, you have to run them manually from Workbench. This worked fine for most of the jobs. (Domo did not update its status correctly on one DataSet until I deleted it and recreated it. Workbench reported that everything was fine. I logged in and out  of Domo - no difference. I was logging in as the owner of the DataSet.)


Is this correct, any Workbench job can only be launched or relaunched from Workbench? 


I haven't looked into what's underneath Workbench, but I've assumed it's a client based on the Domo APIs. Am I right in concluding that Workbench:Domo communication is always driven from the Workbench (client) side? Meaning, there is no way for the Domo servers to reach out to a Worbench instance and ask them to re-run a job, etc?


I seem to have things working for now, so I'm asking primarily so that I learn more about how things work and are meant to work. Any background information or help appreciated.


Thank you

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    The workbench is driven from the client side.  You can create some scripts that would allow you to schedule regular uploads, but Domo does not have the ability to request the data from your workbench.

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