Magic ETL Dataflow has no results



I have a Magic ETL that has an Excel file and Dataflow as inputs i conduct an inner join on a field that i know is on both datasets. On the output dataset, there are no results. I have used this method of joining data successfully before. My only guess to the problem is the length of the join column. Is there a limit?




  • Have you saved the ETL and then do a full run and there is still no data?


    I have run into an issue where the preview table (as I'm building the data flow) does not have any output, but when I save and run the join works correctly.


    If that doesn't resolve your issue, could you provide some screenshots of the data flow so we can see you it is configured and how you are using the join?

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  • Hi Scott, 


    Yes, i have saved and run the dataflow and built a card off of the output dataset. 


    Both input datasets have a task name which is used in order to do the inner join. But when I build a card based on the output dataset, there are no items with that task name. It looks like for the most part the Magic ETL works, but it's just that one task name that is not matching and making it to the output.







  • Is it possible that the task names are slightly different?  I noticed that your field names were different `TaskName` and `Task Name`.  This shouldn't be an issue, but if the task was also slightly different then they would not join.  Something like 'RunReport' and 'Run Report' or even 'run report' would not be matched.


    Otherwise I may ask for a few rows of data with the task names that are not showing up.  


    You should also confirm that both `TaskName` and `Task Name` are the same data type.

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  • Hi Scott, 

    Thanks for your assistance, i did make sure that the data type was the same and I actually copied the task name from the non Excel dataset to the Excel dataset, i even made sure there were no leading or trailing spaces.


    Here is an example of the task name as it appears on the non Excel data set:



    I built a card based on the output dataset, and when i filter the data for that particular task name, no results, even though a similar task name does have results.