Copying the current state of a dataset into an independent snapshot

Is there an easy way (beyond exporting and reimporting a dataset as CSV, which can lead to export/import errors) to capture the current state of a dataset and copy it into a new, independent dataset?  Say I'm looking at a dataset that updates daily using a complicated connector, I don't want to copy the actual connector config;  I just want that data copied as it is now into a basic table, like a basic CSV, or even an editable Domo Webform (even better).  I can then use that new dataset without fear that it will change the next time the connector runs.


Anything I missed, or any easy way to make this happen?  Right now, I'm creating a manual dataflow that simply has an input (the source dataset) and an output (the snapshot copy that I want), an I'll essentially be very careful never to run it again once I'm done.


I must be missing something...

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  • jhl
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    Assuming that your connector update settings are "Replace" there may be a quick fix. You could set the dataflow to just append rows - then you get a "snapshot" for each time the dataset updates. This will lead to a lot of duplicate data, which you can easily filter out for your analysis by filtering on either _BATCH_ID_ (running counter of how many times that dataset has been updated) or _BATCH_LAST_RUN_ (date field of the last update time). Any analysis using a filter on these would always use the same data and you would have the bonus of getting a snapshot every day - so the dataset would change, but any new data added would not affect your snapshot. 

    Alternatively, you could just recreate the connector with the "Append" setting and you would have a completely independent dataset (not just one connected in a dataflow). Just changing the update settings of the existing connector would require you to filter for the most recent batch in all connected cards so you do not get inflated numbers.

  • MrMiyagi
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    Domo just released a connector to allow you to copy DataSets with your instnace or across instances if you have more than one for some reason. Go to the data center -> DataSets -> Click on New -> Cloud App and then search for "Copy." This will bring up the "DataSet Copy" connector.


    Work with your Major Domo to generate an access token for your instance. Once you have this you can use your user name, password, access token, and data set Id to create a copy of the data set you want to copy.


    Try that an let us know how it works for you!



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    Hi User0069901 - I am looking to see if we have any other options for you now. 


    Stay tuned!

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