Why does css code display incorrectly on an Android phone when placed within SQL code?

I placed css code within a SQL statement. It appears fine on a desktop browser, but not on an Android phone. The css code appears, but not the styling it's supposed to render. In this case, the text is supposed to be orange in colour.


  • Thanks for your post!

    Can you share a screen shot?

    CC: @codysmith 




  • I've sent two screenshots, one for desktop and the other on an Android phone. The desktop shows the "8 ED's" in the colour orange, which is the desired effect.

  • Thanks I have the PM from our mobile team on this thread and he will review it. We'll get back to you shortly.



  • Great, I'm awaiting your response!

  • is there any resolution to this?

  • This is an issue with the Domo App.  Css in the summary number is "not supported" but it will work in the web browser.  I have color coded text and symbols in summary numbers and they work perfect in the browser but in the app the color is always black.


    We can hope that one day soon the app will support this functionality and Sumo cards too!