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I am trying to create a card which shows app ranking from an app store on a line graph. At the moment I have the data and have made a line graph with it, however as a standard graph, the higher numbers are at the top and the lower numbers at the bottom. Because this is an app ranking, I want to show the lower numbers at the top of the graph, beacuse the lower number the better.

I am looking for a way to flip the Y Axis around so 1 will be at the top of the graph and the lowest number at the bottom.


Any help is appreciated


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    The only way I've seen to do something like what you're asking is to go to the Value Scale (Y) and then set a scale just outside of your ranking range. (Ex, if your rank was showing 1-5, maybe set Min to 6 and Max to 0)




















    I'll be interested to see if anyone else has an idea on how to do this, otherwise, it may be a nice suggestion for the Ideas area.


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  • Thanks, I think this is a close as I'll get ?

    Would be nice as a feature just to easily flip the Y axis, like you can do with the X axis


    app store rankings.png


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