Best Practices On Changing Data Sources

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Our company has been using Domo for a few months, and when we began, I constructed a large variety of cards from the .csv files that we used for uploads through Workbench.  Now our dataflows are shifting over to the databases themselves.  Are there any best practices for transferring the cards from data sources dependent on .csv files to those from databases, so that the cards do not have to be reconstructed from scratch?

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  • cmarkum
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    There is an easy way to do this. We did the same thing when we first started. In the Data Center, select the current Data Source(.csv file). Click on the "Cards" tab at the top. This view will show you all of the current cards connected to that data source. On the right side of the screen, there is a link that says "Switch cards to use a different data set". Select the new data source. Once you select the new data source, it will ask you for verification and show you any field names that do not match. 


    We have gone through this process a number of times and it has worked well for us. My only suggestion is to make sure that the column names are the same. 


    We did have one problem because we wanted a different column names. I just made a note of the cards that would be affected and modified them to use the new column name after the switch. 


    I'm actually going post a suggestion that during this process, you can change the old column names to the new ones during the switch. 


    Hope this helps and message me if you have any questions.


  • nalbright
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    Thank you; that does sound like a good answer, although it will be a fairly complicated task in my case.  Fortunately, both the column names I was using in my .csv files and in the database are the same for the most part, so aside from linking some tables with custom information, it should be at least possible to do what you did as well.

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