How can we remove the Domo log from embeded cards?

We are using several embeded domo cards on our intranet home page.  Each card, however, bears the Domo logo in a footer area.  In aggregate this reserves a lot of space as whitespace and branding.


How can we have the embeded cards rendered without the "EmbedBanner" div?



Best Answer

  • Removing the "Powered by Domo" footer is now possible. It is done automatically for private embed. It can also be done for public embed through an internal engineering setting if arranged and paid through your account executive.


    We are also moving quickly towards story embed beta this fall so only one footer will appear for the entire page instead of each card. In the meantime, we are changing the footer to be smaller and more subtle.


  • Did you ever get an answer to this question? 

  • Unfortunately no.  We still have no way to remove the obtrusive branding from the embeded cards.

  • This has now been raised as an enhancement request, I will let you know if I get an estimate of when it will be ready.

  • Thanks for all the comments here!


    This is an idea that was suggested in our ideas exchange some time ago, please vote it up and add in additional comments.


    I have asked the PM who owns this for an update.



  • Confirmed!


    Finally.  This looks so much better for our 3x3.


    Thanks - Jackson


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