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I am working on building a page that users will frequently filter by a single field, AccountID (it's a page of account performance metrics, designed to filter to see a single account's performance over time). 


I'm hoping to configure a page filter via the page URL. The idea would be to have a dynamic link in SalesForce that inserts the AccountID, so that the Domo page loads automatically filtered down to that account with no extra clicks needed. 


This article on links in Beast Mode indicates that it's possible to do this inside of Beast Mode calculations, so it seems like it should be possible to filter the way I'm trying to when linking from another source. But the format given there doesn't seem to work (possibly due to encoded characters?).


Is there another way to achieve this? Or is this the correct way and I am missing something else? Seems like a pretty straightforward use case, I can't imagine I'm the only one trying to do it.['
     "dataSourceId":"your_datasource _Id",

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  • NateJson
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    I was able to get this working by using this query string on a page of cards:



    COLUMN_NAME = the string of the column name you want to filter on

    DATASET_ID = the dataset ID (found by going to the dataset page and getting the ID from the URL)

    FILTER_VALUE = the value(s) that you want to filter on (comma separated strings)

    Nate Jackson


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