Any way to automagically strip of the first 16 rows of a csv file in order to automate the ETL ?

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i've got a scheduled export from an operational tool that is being emailed to a box account to be picked up by Domo Box connector and manipulated/ETLd from there.

Is there a function to strip off extraneous header rows from an incoming file? 

There's not a way to exclude them from the generated export.


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    The ability to specify that a file's data and header rows start a few rows down is a common trait many of the connectors share.  I don't think the regular Box connector is one of them, but there is an Advanced Box connector that does let you do this.  Do you see that connector in your list of available connectors?  If you don't contact your Domo rep or support.


    With DCM reports like this you have to be somewhat careful to not add any more filters unless you also update the header and data rows in the connector.  Learn from my past mistakes on that.


    box advanced.JPG



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