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I have a data set of accounts that are considering some of our future products.  The account list has a multi-valued field, <product>, and I'd like to show the number of accounts considering each product.  


Is there a beast mode that can split this out and count the products or should I just bite the bullet and create something new for the total products list?  You can see the products in the X-axis of the card below.  


PROD Emerging Accounts in the program.jpg

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    Hi Matt

    There's another thread out there about similar multi-value columns and how to split them, but I couldn't find it.  That said, there isn't a single beast mode that can split these values.  You can create a beast mode for each product in the value set (CASE WHEN `product` like '%DRaaS%' THEN...) , and use each of those product beast modes as a series in your card.  Your card would have a bunch of products individually added.  That might be a hassle to maintain, but it might work for you.

    Or, rearchitect the data as you suggest and bring in a fresh dataset that's easier to work with in Domo.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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