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If you have Domo and Salesforce you can build a tab in Salesforce that launches Domo inside of it.  Here's a link to a page giving you instructions for any web page.  Just insert your domo https:// and you'll be good to go.




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    Additonal important information from the Domo team on this scenario.


    “Clients recommend what is called a “Web Tab” in SFDC. In this case, you get to define the height in pixels (900 or 950 is what we use) and you set the URL. That is pretty much it. In this case, you can define just your base instance URL or the specific URL of a page or card...


    In this case, you define the height and there are now buttons that show up because it is an actual page and not a splash page so there isn’t a “Don’t Show this again” button.”






  • Thanks Canio, embedded cards are also coming, so if you have SSO in Domo and Salesforce, you can embed a card anywhere in Salesforce.


    Here is info from Domo...


    Sharing Domo insights and content with your customers and partners outside of Domo is just a few clicks away with the Domo Everywhere: Embed feature. You can embed cards in Web sites, portals or applications using single sign-on to control access.


    This feature will be available for a limited time for free during the beta test period. This will be a cost option when the feature is released.


    For more details about this feature, you can view the demo video.


    This feature is now available in your instance:


    First: Ensure SSO is Configured

    Embedded cards use single sign-on to ensure content is only viewed by permitted users. Ensure SSO is configured and enabled for Domo and the destination portal or Web site for the embedded card. For more information, see the Implementing Single Sign-On.


    Second: Select a card in Domo

    End users viewing the content need to have a Domo license, and the content needs to be shared with them.


    1. Find a card in Domo you want to embed elsewhere
    2. Click the Embed Card option in the wrench menu.
    3. Select the options such as size and available features.
    4. Copy the HTML code to the destination portal or Web site.


    Next: Embed the Card

    Use the HTML code Domo generates to embed the card in a portal or Web site. Then let others view the card.


    Then: Review the Activity Log

    In the Admin Settings, you can view what cards have been embedded and who has viewed an embedded card.

  • thank you, this looks like what we saw at DP17. 

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    Does accessibility to DOMO cards within SFDC require Participant-level licenses or can social licenses be leveraged? Guessing Participant-level but just wanted to confirm. 

    Domo Consultant

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  • Thanks @Chips!




    Can you chime in on this one?



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    GTA Domo Employee

    Hi Chris,


    That is correct. Participant level licenses are a minimum to view and engage with cards in Domo. Great question. Thanks.

  • Hi, does the SSO for Domo and Salesforce need to be on the same platform?  We use Active Directory with Azure for Domo, but Salesforce will use a different SSO provider.  Is it possible to still have unified login if we are using two different SSOs?  They will both be SAML compliant.




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