Is there a way to embed video in a card?

I want to be able to embed a video in a card inside domo. The catch is, I don't want to put the video on Youtube (which is how you would do it with the Illustrator app builder) because it has VERY sensitive customer information and the privacy settings in youtube will not work for this project. I'd like to be able to upload is straight from my computer or a server and host it inside domo. Any ideas?

Eliza Barry
Data Analyst
Academy Mortgage Corporation
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    This idea was just posted in our ideas exchange by @GIriarte. I suggest you vote it up by clicking on the white arrow next to the title.


    Feel free to add a comment there, if you want to elaborate on the idea. Once it has at least one vote, our product management team will review and assign to a product manager.



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    An acutall card that would allow this would be awesome. You can do this right now though using the DOMO App Desgin Studio in adobe illustrator. There is a widget that allows this. You then just connect it to a google sheet or excel sheet. It is pretty cool and easy. 

    Thank you


  • Don't think it's possible at the moment. You can upload documents and view as a card but that's all.


    Your only option is to build custom app and embed the video hosted somewhere private and secure.

  • Can someone provide instructions on how to do this? 

  • Can you provide more instructions on how to do this? I'd love to but we have no idea where to begin. @TDaily 

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