How to address gaps in date ranges in visuals?

I have a few cards trying to show activity of sellers on a weekly basis for a rolling last 13 weeks by week. However as I drill down more and more granular (by region, by rep) I'm finding that rather than have weeks with 0 but a column placeholder showing, I get instead a skipping of that week entirely! This presents the idea that a rep has activity in each week from the past 13 weeks at first glance, rather than having some weeks with some activity and other weeks with no activity. How can I get the visuals to not skip weeks where no data exists? 

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  • PodiumMason
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    Hey D-Rab!


    There are a couple potential solutions here. One of them rests within the "Value Scale (Y)" chart properties (I'm using the single bar chart as an example). There is a check box titled "Include Zero". Make sure this is checked on your visual.


    However if there is no data at all (Column is null) another solution would be to create a beast mode that changes null values to zero. IFNULL(`Value Column`, 0). 


    The combination of both of these should show the zero values on your visualization.


    Let me know if this doesn't work for you!


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