YoY, MoM, PoP % difference - using shapes & colors to indicate movement

Hi community,


This is such a great way to show the direction of a difference/change when you present information in a pivot view. It's easily set in Excel table or Tableau. Gurus, is it possible to build something like this in Domo?


domo q.JPG




  • Would anyone be able to help out with this request?

  • Hi, it might be late but you can now use conditionnal formating. It won't have the shapes but at least it will have the colors.


    In the "Chart Properties" you just need to select "Colors" and set the rules!



  • Hi, this might be late as well ? but there are beast mode tricks that you can use to do this. You add the image into a CASE statement using html and voila. Instructions and examples are here.

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