Best way to Upload a Daily excel Report

I'm not sure of the best approach here    


I have an xls report sent to me each day.  The name of the file changes with the date but not the headers.  So each day I get a new report  named 2017-03-13-18875, 2017-03-12-18875, 2017-03-11-18875 and so on.  


In Domo, can I upload each of these files as they enter my folder?  Is there a magic etl I can build to append them together into a master table?


Any direction you can point me to would be great


currently I have the xls. file going in my OneDrive, but I can move it to Box or DropBox I'm sure...



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    @rado98 is right, Domo support and consultants have an email push method that receives emailed files.  What they do is create a unique email address attached to your intended datasource, and that email becomes a recipient for the XLS attachments.   Whenever emails with attachments are sent to that email address, Domo picks up the file and either appends the contents or replaces the contents, depending on how it's configured.


    Some important things to consider:

    The file always needs to have the same schema.  Don't swap columns around.

    The data should be in a simple table of a header row and rows of data

    The file can have summary rows at the bottom.  Domo can strip those off.

    The filename doesn't really matter.

    Only send one attachment per email, but Domo will pick up the attachments with each email sent, so you can email an attachment whenever you need.  Daily seems to be the most common.

    Once the day is in, make sure the formatting/datatypes are correct.

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    We did not end up using the function but our Domo support person stated that they could set up something that would allow us to basically email files to Domo daily and those would append automatically into a Dataset.

    Ask your rep, I would say.

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