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We are processing data on a global level and have Date fields comming in in different formats. We have 3 main formats of dates, as simulated in this google sheet (Timestamp, Date US Format and Date EU format).


Dates in Googlesheet


Once loaded in DOMO (via the Google Sheet connector) it looks like this


TimestampDate US-EU


As you can see the Timestamp and US Date look good, however the EU Date is loaded as a number.

Ofcourse we can manually edit the Googlesheet, however as the objective is to load these sheet automatically, we don't want manual interventions.


My question is there a setting, configuration or trick to load these dates propperly into DOMO, without changing the Googlesheet ?

In other words, can DOMO propperly read EU Date formats via Googlesheets or only US Date formats?





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  • JoeriDP
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    Just as an FYI DOMO updated the Google Sheet connector and it now propperly detects the regional dates, so problem solved.


  • Tomo
    Tomo Domo Employee

    "Date EU" can be made from "Date US".



    DATE_FORMAT(`Date US`,'%e/%c/%Y')

    Format rule

  • Thanks tomo, this is great if you have the date in both formats, what sadly isn't always the case. I made a file with the 3 different date formats, we receive as an example, so data from a EU client will contain dates in EU format, from a US client in US format.

    Our DOMO instance is configured at Timezone UTC, we can ofcourse change it to CET, I suspect the import of EU Dates will then work, but the US dates won't work anymore ?


    I'll reach out to DOMO support and see what we can find out, and will post the updates here, as they might be helpfull for others.





  • Hi Joeri,

    Is there any update? I'm facing the same issue.