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I am trying to add a developer token into a DOMO instance. When running domo token add I get this message:


Domo instance on which to set the token 

1) new instance



I have tried typing in the instance after Answer: , but it continues to prompt the same message. I don't want to create a new instance. I want to use an existing instance of DOMO.


How do I go about adding a developer token into my DOMO instance? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee
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    @ZMM - The answer it is expecting is actually a number. So in this case you would put in 1 for new instance. Once you do that a new prompt will appear - 


    [?] Domo instance e.g. :

    At this point you type it in like the example shows. 



    So for example right now if I do that command I see the following - 


    C:\Users\bulloko>domo token add
    [?] Domo instance on which to set the token e.g. :
    2) new instance

    If I wanted to use the instance I'd put 1 in.

    However in this case I want to add the token to a different instance. So I'd put 2.


    That would push me to what I demonstrated above.


    Give this a shot and let me know how it goes!



  • Yes that worked! I was confused by way that the prompt requested the information. 


    I seen the new instance option, but thought that it was asking me to create a new instance instead of putting the token on an unrecognized DOMO instance.


    Anyways, thank you very much!!

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