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We have a card showing feature completion status.  Now we would love to have a line indicating the % of time into release cycle.  See image below for example.  Is there anyway to achieve this?


dynamic line


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    When you add a goal as a beast mode you can use it as a series just like any other data. You wouldn't have to add it as a goal line, but as an additional value series to the chart. 


    In this case, it wouldn't work on the 100% stacked bar chart you have, but other visualizations may be possible. 


  • I tried this and it looks like it works.


    (DATEDIFF(CURDATE(),'12/31/2016') / DATEDIFF('12/31/2016','10/1/2016'))*-1 


    It's not complete, but you can definitely use a CASE WHEN argument to move this value dynamically. 

    Try it without the CASE WHEN first, then you can add clauses later. Not 100% sure how to avoid hard coding dates



    WHEN QUARTER(CURDATE() = 4) THEN (DATEDIFF(CURDATE(),'12/31/2016') / DATEDIFF('12/31/2016','10/1/2016'))*-1 

    WHEN QUARTER(CURDATE() = 3) THEN (DATEDIFF(CURDATE(),'9/30/2016') / DATEDIFF('9/30/2016','7/1/2016'))*-1




    Hope this helps.



  • @Hua, did @keithhickman07's reply help you out?

  • I will give it a try.  In theory the calculation part is easy through beastmode.  I will need to see how it can be displayed on the chart.  "Goal" line in bar charts seem to only take constant.  If you have any suggestion on what chart type should be used, that'll be great!



  • @Hua, tagging you to check out @Kung-fu_Panda's reply.

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