Can I See Email Performance from Pardot in Domo?

I've connected Pardot to Domo for the purpose of seeing email performance (open rates, click rates by email send, etc). However, I can't see how to do this. Is it possible to use Pardot for email tracking?

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  • Maxamillioo
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    Hi @CBlandon,

    Thank you for reaching out! Currently the Pardot connector does not pull in email performance metrics, but that is a great suggestion and could prove to be valuable for others. I can go ahead and submit this over to our Development team so they can take a look at this enhancement request and determine the best option for it. 

    If they need any other information from you to assist them with this request, I will be sure to reach back out. If you need anything else in the mean time please feel free to email us at [email protected] 


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  • Can anyone help out @CBlandon?

  • Has there been any movement on this? I would also like to report Pardot email performance. At this stage we would have to export the data to an excel, copy and paste that into a Google Sheet and have Domo read from the Google Sheet. Not an ideal situation, we would much prefer to have everything automated.