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I'm adding a table where each column header is a link. Such as:

<a href="url/path_0">label_0</a> <a href="url/path_1">label_1</a> <a href="url/path_2">label_2</a> date
1 2 7 date_1
2 3 8 date_2
3 4 2 date_3


As above DOMO is currently rendering my column header as raw html. Any way to get this to render and work as regular link?  Thanks

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  • Gimli
    Gimli Domo Employee
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    Hello @rsgmon

    Sadly at this time there is not a way to make a column header a clickable link. 

    However, using beast mode we can create this as a row of data in a column. 

    Your beastmode query would be your HTML surrounded by a CONCAT() function:

    CONCAT('<a href="url/path_0">label_0</a>')

    This should create a clickable link that will show as a row(s) of data, in your table card. 



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