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I created a card using a web form in Domo. If I want to add or edit columns to the form, is there an easier way to do that without starting the card over? Thanks!

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    @josh-m: Great question, Josh! Here's a related post that answers your question:


    The short answer is no, there isn't currently an easier way. You should be able to copy and paste your data from one web form to the new one, but that's the best shortcut we can offer.


    However, I can tell you that we're developing some enhancements to the Domo web form that will make this a lot easier. We'd love for you to take a look at the new features and see what you think. Are you interested in doing some beta/usability testing?


    If you are interested in beta testing, just like this comment and then we will reach out to get you involved. That goes for anyone who comes across this thread.

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