What happens when a user is deleted from an instance?

We have had some users leave our organization. Before deleting them, as a temporary means of preventing them from logging in I have reset their passwords. I am curious as to what happens in the background when a user is deleted -- what happens to their cards, pages, datasets, etc if they own anything? Thanks in advance.

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  • cmarkum
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    We have run into this. When deleting someone that owns cards you can change the ownership of pages, cards, datasources, to another owner prior to deleting them. When you click on "Delete Person" it will ask you to reassing the users DataSets before deleting. 



    To find out the cards/pages owned by the user, you can go to their profile and find that out. You can also go to Admin/Cards or Pages and scroll through to find which cards/pages are owned by that user. 


    The only issue that I have found is that you have to go to each card/page and Reassign the Owner. If you delete the user, there will be no owner on the cards. Once you do that, you can go to the cards and click "Assign Owner". 


    I've added an Idea to be able to mass update owners.