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We have an excel dataset and we'd like to have other privileged users be able to upload new versions, however only Admins and the owner of the dataset have the access to update the data. Is there a way around this without giving users Admin rights? I've looked at PDP and it doesn't appear to be a solution for this... 

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  • alexpeay
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    @MarisaFelton Currently that is the current functionality. Only the Administrator for the instance or the owner of the DataSet have the power to update the data in the DataSet. This is a security precaution that currently exists in Domo. 


    PDP does not have anything to do with this need, PDP will control which data in the DataSet a user has access to, it will not control to the DataSet itself. 


    We are working on enhanced DataSet sharing models that will allow you to share a DataSet directly and provide more granular permission levels so that you can do exactly what you are asking for (share a DataSet with multiple people and allow them different levels of access to the DataSet). This is still in the planning phase but it is on our roadmap.

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager