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How can I get a list of all the users that have Admin access.

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  • NWolf
    NWolf Domo Employee
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    Unfortunately, there currently isn't a way to filter users based on security profile. An enhancement request for this feature has been submitted with our development team. Hopefully we will be able to look for this feature in an upcoming release of Domo. 

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  • kshah008
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    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @ronbertoncini out?


  • michaelf
    michaelf Domo Employee

    @ronbertoncini I'm not aware of a way to find the information easily in the product now but we are improving functionality on the Admin Page and it will contain the ability to filter by Access Rights in the future; just as a heads up that a solution is in the works.

  • miken12r
    miken12r Domo Employee

    The global search function (magnifying glass at the top of the page) can be somewhat helpful here, particularly if you include "Admin" in people's title on their profile. We continue to improve the search feature and we're also implementing some bulk administration features that will also help. 


    This is an important idea, though, so we'll also include something on the people search by role and other attributes. 



  • This discussion appears to be a year old...has there been any progress on listing/searching by Security Profile? Thanks

  • miken12r
    miken12r Domo Employee

    We've done a lot of work with our search feature, so now you can search users for "Admin." We don't yet have a specific search for roles, but we're working on that too.