Current week data is showing when date rate is set as last x weeks

I have a couple of cards where I set the date range for "last 4 weeks". However, data from current week is still showing up. Anybody know what I can do to make sure the current weeks' data doesn't get pulled in? Thanks. 

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    How about setting a parallel date value field to whatever date you really want your view to be based on, but only populate values through the end of the prior week.  Leave current week date values empty, and set your lookback to 5 weeks.  "Last..." naturally wants the current period to be inclusive - you are forcing the current period OUT, but you still want the 4 lookback, so resetting it to 5, and giving no consideration to the current week since none will pass your test, should get you the 4 you are looking for.


    I'm sure there are other ways to approach this, this is just the first one that comes to mind.

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