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I am having some trouble with the ordering of the bars in my waterfall graph. I am using the same data set to create two different waterfall graphs (Filtering by dept.) and although the information is portrayed in the same format in my dataset it switches the order around in the two different graph. I am reconciling sales from 2015 to 2016 based on Price, Volume and Mix. So the graph should have 5 bars =  2015 Sales / Price / Mix /Quantity / 2016 Sales. I did not include the 2016 sales in my dataset but it is being reflected correctly in the graph.

When I run the Graph for Dept A is drops the Quantity field and when I run it for Dept B it switches the order around that Quantity is first instead of 2015 Sales? The  dates in the data set run sequentially in the order I wish to portray the information but  still it is not reflecting correctly.

Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.Thanks

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  • Hey @CMartinaglia - 


    You can manually set the sort order with a Beast Mode calculation, something similar to:

    WHEN `Dimension` = '2015 Sales' THEN 1
    WHEN `Dimension` = 'Price' THEN 2
    WHEN `Dimension` = 'Mix' THEN 3
    WHEN `Dimension` = 'Quantity' THEN 4
    WHEN `Dimension` = '2016 Sales' THEN 5

    ELSE 0


    Take a look at the the sample Beast Mode calcualtions in the knowledge center.


    Hope this helps!

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