Is there any way to display entire regions, rather than just individual countries?

So I'm trying to display metrics from our global subscription regions (the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Australia/the Pacific, etc.) as a whole rather than the specific countries that make them up. I tried using the lat/long map and plot point roughly in the middle of each one, but the dots were pretty small, even when set to Large and don't give a great visualization of the data. I was wondering if there was any way I could group a bunch of countries together into a "Region" and fill all those countries symmetrically using the regional data? Attatched is the long/lat map I tried to make (w/ data values blurred out) so you can see how small they showed upLat/long ma[

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    Currently, the World Map (heatmap) is the best card we have for this purpose, but it is unable to combine any of the default regions into larger, grouped results. Using the lat/long map as you do here is an innovative way to get the data you wanted. A request has already been submitted to Development for the abiltity to further customize and group the regions and results of the World Map (heatmap) card. Are there any improvements we can also make to the lat/long map card that would be useful for this visualization?


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  • That's awesome thank you!


    Something useful that I can think of for the lat/long card is being able to determine the upper and lower limits for the symbol sizing, rather than the current auto-scaling based on the upper and lower limits of the input data. Using my screenshot as an example, the orange "No Region" symbol (located a bit down and to the right off of the southern tip of Africa) is an extremely small dot that is barely able to be seen or scrolled over for the Hover Text to show up, but actually represents a data point that is relatively high for the scale that it actually exists on, but since it is the smallest value out of the data presented, it becomes absurdly small and this is misleading when it comes to drawing conclusions. If you could determine that the lower/upper limit of the scale yourself, it would mitigate this issue.

  • andrewnemrow
    andrewnemrow Domo Employee

    Customizing the value scale is also an enhancement request that has been previously submitted to Development. I have attached this article to that request as well for emphasis. Thank you for the reply.

  • Have there been any updates on the auto scale of lat long maps? It would be extremely helpful to give a manual option. Likewise are there any other updates to lat long maps in the works? Perhaps the option to not even use a value to map and just have it based on location - or perhaps the ability to label the data points?

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