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Hi - I'm new to Domo and wondering if there are options available to present information in the form of graph/charts plus summary comments/key insights. Our current solution is a PPT deck that contains a handful of visuals along with a few (2-3) bullet points for each that summarize key insights via text.  Basically, is there a good way to supplement visuals in Domo with a few lines of text to deliver commentary/context with each chart or graph?


Thanks for any help/guidance!

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    You have couple of options


    1. DomoBuzz - you can add commentary to DomoBuzz from the detail page of the chart so Domo links your comments to a specific card.

    2. Card Description - you can add commentary to the card description in Edit mode. Users would have to hover over the Title of the card to see the comments so it's not easy for users to figure it out.

    3. Notebook - Notebook cards are just a blank notepad so you can add text or images to it. We've used Notebook cards at a page level where the datasource for all the cards on the page is the same and the person responsible for the data will add their comments/insights after updating the data. Only the owner of the card will be able to modify the card. 

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