How do you connect to Domo's own data

I feel like I'm missing something that's right in front of my face.  Domo recently published some apps around data and user metrics (great!!).  But here is where I'm getting lost...  Isn't the underlying data beneath these metrics based on the same domo controled database for every customer?  Card views; user groups; Stale Data sources; etc.


All the apps come with sample data, that need to be swapped out, but these aren't data sets that I'm managing in my on premise installation of Domo.  It's all in the cloud, and domo owns that backend.  How do we connect Domo's own apps, to our istance of Domo's own data?  Shouldn't Domo just have a connector of their own that requires a login from its customers to access all of that transactional data on the backend of their product?


But, like I said, I'm assuming I'm missing something. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?




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  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee
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    @Jessemauser - You will need what is referred to as "DomoUsage" or "DomoMetrics".  These are DataSets that give you the needed information to finish setting up these Apps. To get these, simply email [email protected] requesting DomoMetrics DataSets and they'll do it for you!


  • Thank you.  I bet it won't take long for support to be a driving force behind getting a Domo connector built.