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I noticed a post or two discussing that there was a Business Days or Workdays-type function in beta and I am wondering if there are any solutions to finding the number of business days between two dates until this solution goes live?


My data is fairly straight forward; assuming two columns [Date 1] and [Date 2] does anyone have an elegant solution to finding the number of business days between these dates?  Business days would be defined here as M-F and if possible (although I know this is asking a lot) excluding certain dates that are holidays (I could add these manually to the function as necessary if someone has a way of incorporating this).


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  • Gimli
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    Hello @mbelmont

    I have found two beastmode formulas that will accomplish this: 

    5* FLOOR(DATEDIFF(`endDate`, `startDate`) /7)  + SUBSTRING('0123444401233334012222340111123400012345001234550', 7 * WEEKDAY(`startDate`) + WEEKDAY(`endDate`) + 1, 1)


    CASE WHEN YEARWEEK(`End Date`) = YEARWEEK(`Start Date`) THEN ((DATEDIFF(DATE(`End Date`),DATE(`Start Date`)) - (CASE WHEN DAYOFWEEK(`Start Date`) = 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) - (CASE WHEN DAYOFWEEK(`End Date`) = 7 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END))) ELSE ((DATEDIFF(DATE(`End Date`),DATE(`Start Date`)) - DAYOFWEEK(`End Date`)-(7-DAYOFWEEK(`Start Date`)))*2) + DAYOFWEEK(`End Date`) + (7-DAYOFWEEK(`Start Date`)) - (CASE WHEN DAYOFWEEK(`End Date`) = 7 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) - (CASE WHEN DAYOFWEEK(`Start Date`) = 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)-2 END

    Please keep in mind that `End Date` and `Start Date` will need to be replaced with your date columns. 

    If you have any difficulty implementing this beastmode you can reach out to DOMO's Support team. 
    You can reach them at the following url

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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @mbelmont out?


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    @mbelmont, did ilikenno's reply help you out?

  • Shevy
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    Another option is to create a date table that tags days as business days or not. That way you can exclude holidays that your company is closed or whatever criteria you need. The table can be linked to any other table by date and you get a lot of date information that will be consistent. We built our own, but DOMO has one that they share with customers as well.
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  • Thank you so much!  Worked perfectly.

  • Is there any update on the business days function?