Is there a feature in Domo similar to Tableau's level of detail expressions (LOD)



I am trying to do some cohort analysis calculations and I wonder if there is something similar to Tableau's level of detail expressions? It is better to explain what I mean by looking at this link with some LOD examples:




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  • cmarkum
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    Domo has a Custom App that you can puchase that pretty much matches that. You could also build it using the App builder.

  • kshah008
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    @albertodac, did cmarkum's reply help you out?

  • @kshah008 @cmarkum
    Thanks for your input.
    I am looking for something that could be quickly used as part of beast mode calculations and not having to go through a custom app.

  • kshah008
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    @albertodac, tagging you to check out Kung-fu_Panda's reply out.

  • What is the name of the custom app?  I have searched the app store and could not find anything about it.  Is it in the app store?

  • Beastmode is a basic function in the cards themselves that allow you write basic MYSQL like functions to manipulate labels or values. 


    Not sure if there are custom apps that provide similiar functionality.

  • Can someone please name the App or answer the original question?


    " Is there a feature in Domo similar to Tableau's level of detail expressions (LOD)"



  • kshah008
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    @seeitall00, please feel free to open up a new thread for better exposure to your question ? 

  • Instead of telling me to post the same question in a new thread you could have answered my questition... or do you not know Domo?


    What's the point of having two threads with the same question in it? Is there anyone here who works for Domo and knows the software? A "I don't think so..." from a domo user is not the kind of answer I am looking for. A yes/no ... here you can find it/here is how you do it... would be actually helpful.

  • Thanks for your reply!


    @btm @mdelorey Can you guys confirm if we have this as a custom app?


    @seeitall00 have you looked through our ideas exchange to see if this has been suggested yet?


    We will get clarity on this for your shortly.



  • @mdelorey and @btm


    THANK you for chiming in, looks like we have some great content and solutions on this topic!




  • Hi guys,


    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    @DaniBoy It would be great if these smart solutions are covered in easy to find articles in Domo's university. Even better if the cards with the solutions could be easily downloaded. Is there a "Beast Mode examples" app where people could easily learn beast modes with real life examples? 

  • Albert,


    We review the top solutions and search terms in Dojo with the Domo U team every month to make sure we have related articles.


    I will make sure this gets added to the top of the list. If we add new content in our knowledge base and in Domo U on this topic I will update this thread.




    CC @JeriLarsen

  • I'm sorry but i don't see a solution or great content here... and the fact that it took almost a year to get here should not be cause for celebration. 

    If a stacked bar chart is all you have to offer in this matter the question needs to be answered with a clear no. Even though the stacked bar chart (or the %_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY data label settings) uses a form of LOD calculation, I have no way of using these results to do further calculations with and the ways addressed here are limited in the most extreme ways.
    "But in general, we give our users interfaces that are easier to interact with and don't require them to even do things like write LOD-type calculations." 
    I'm sorry but how does Domo remove the need to use LOD-type calculations? I have the option of adding the logic and calculation to the ETL SQL or to learn to live without it. In these "solutions" I see little more than far stretched workarounds and I feel somewhat irritated that this is being sold as some sort of fantastic feature. I almost feel as though I walked into an applestore... 
    Please don't misunderstand me here, I don't what to pick a fight or criticize your product in an undeserving manner but this is already weak solely for the way you handled my request to answer a months old question. When you work with a software that has issues or isn't self explanatory in every way, it is super frustrating when you don't get the answers you need to proceed. And I have seen many posts here that have succumb similarly. I also find it strange, that the person answering a question gets to decide if that actually answers the question. That should be in the hands of the person asking... 
  • There are times when writing LOD type expressions in SQL code or Magic ETLs simply take too long to process.  I've got a dataset of 70M rows and when I want to do a quick analysis at a specific levle of granularity, it doesn't make sense to go build an entirely new dataset that is shaped differently.

    I'd love if DOMO could see the value and use of why LOD type expressions are so beneficial because it allows you to keep one dataset that solves multiple uses vs. multiple datasets/dataflows for various purposes.